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Methods For Removing Scuff Marks From Jordan Shoes

Method #2: Nail Polish RemoverNail polish remover can work miracles on scuffed white Jordan Shoes, but you should proceed carefully. Make sure that your nail polish remover is labeled non-acetone and be sure to test the solution on a small, discreet area of the shoe first. If the shoe seems to be fine, go ahead and dip a Q-tip or a cotton ball in the solution and carefully buff away the black scuff mark. Nail polish may not be the best solution for scuff marks on shoes with a shiny finish.Method #3: Mr. Clean Magic EraserIf the nail polish does not work, you can try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This cleaning solution can be purchased at most local drugstores. It is safe to use on leather, and it can remove pen marks and dirt build-up in addition to scuff marks.
Luckily, most discount Jordan Shoes scuff marks are easily removable. A quick Google search reveals that there are a myriad of proposed methods and miracle solutions. Read on to learn which method of removing scuff marks is right for you and your shoes. Method #1: ToothpasteBelieve it or not, toothpaste (or a homemade paste of water and baking soda) can work wonders when it comes to removing scuff marks. Use an old toothbrush to apply the paste and lightly buff away the unsightly marks. This method should remove black scuff marks from white shoes as well as white or gray scuff marks from black or dark colored shoes.There is nothing worse than splurging on a new pair of shoes only to have them marred by scuff marks a few wears later.
Method #4: Hand SanitizerHand sanitizer air Jordan Shoes is recommended to remove white scuff marks from black dress shoes. The alcohol solution in the hand sanitizer is supposed to remove the scuff mark without harming the shoe's shiny finish. Method #5: Lavender OilFor a more natural approach, apply lavender oil to scuff marks on black dress or leather shoes. This oil should remove the white scuff mark and restore the shoe's original shiny finish. Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil is a highly recommended brand.Method #6: VaselineIf you are prepared to apply a little elbow grease, Vaseline can work wonders to remove scuff marks from leather shoes. It is a good place to start.Just put a dollop of Vaseline on a paper towel or rag and buff away. Unlike nail polish remover or hand sanitizer, there is no danger that Vaseline will remove the shoe's finish.
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  1. Luckily, most discount Jordan Shoes scuff marks are easily removable. ...

  2. Luckily, most discount Jordan Shoes scuff marks are easily removable. ...